Xfinity / iPad "Hiro"

Renaissance "Discover This Way"

AT&T "Angelic"

Xfinity "Dad Dance"

Samsung / Xfinity "Sunset"

Post-it Extreme Notes "Get it Said and Done"

Post-it Extreme Notes "Make Your Message Stick"

Xfinity "Protection"

Reebok - Nathalie "Transformation"

Reebok - Katrin "100 Percent"

Reebok - Gal "Reebok"

Reebok - Danai "Stronger Than You Know"

Reebok - Corinne & Shauny "Grassroots"

Reebok 5 Questions

Dignity Health "Cold & Flu Sneeze Montage"

BMW X5 "Confidence Doesn’t Take Detours"

Ladder "Lebron James"

NBA "Head Count"

Xfinity "Laptop Flip"

Xfinity "Yippy Ki Yay"

Xfinity "Tree"

Xfinity "Pause"

Xfinity "Garage"

Airbnb - Superhosts "Nia & Takuma"

Airbnb - Superhosts "Els"

Airbnb - Superhosts "Inja & James"

Airbnb Superhosts - "Danville"

Dignity Health "Corte de Zumbido"

Facebook "Black Girls Surf"

Facebook "Montage"

Facebook "Taekwondo"

Facebook "Swim Saves Lives"

Facebook "DVD"

Xfinity "It's Not the Holidays Until"

BMW X5 "The Remarkable Journey"

Xfinity "xFi - Advantage"

NBA 2k "Players Gonna Play"

Linkedin "Reese"

Dignity Health "We Can Face Anything Together"

Dignity Health "Qué tan lejos irías por alguien"

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