We understand how important music is for our clients. We know your deadlines are tight and your budgets are crucial. Upon receiving your criteria we go through our internal creative process to find the right composer or recording artist for the task. Within a 24 hour period we will provide you with multiple custom score options.
We source from anyone and everyone making music including all major / independent record labels, publishers, music houses, DJs and producers from around the world. In addition we offer music from our ever-growing catalog, containing tens of thousands of songs, to find the best solution for your project. We simplify the process and deliver the right music on time and on budget.
Music always has and always will drive moving pictures with unseen, visceral sensations that tug at the heart, make us laugh, make us think and change and define our cultural fabric. Your project is our project and we go to all ends to give you the greatest product possible. Quality and artistic integrity are our non-compromising obligations.

РCustom Music Production

– Music Searches

– Music Licensing

– Music Clearance

– Artists Solicitation & Negotiation

РComposer Solicitation & Negotiation

– Remixes & Re-Records

– Music Editing

– Creative Conceptualization

– Project Scheduling / Budgeting

– Song Research